Wouldn’t you love to look and feel great while you are losing weight?

Well now you can!  Svelte in Style: How to look and feel great while losing weight is your secret weapon as you lose weight

Do you:

  • Put off buying clothes until you lose weight?
  • Feel that losing weight is a constant battle?
  • Feel that it’s not worth spending money on looking good until you’re at your goal weight?
  • Have no idea what to buy because you don’t know how to dress your changing body shape?
  • Feel that you’ve lost your style and want to get it back?

If you answered yes to any of these questions watch this short video

Yes you’re committed to losing some weight. Maybe it’s a little,  maybe it’s a lot.  You know it’s important for your health but you don’t feel great as you’ve lost your style and you’re no longer sure how to dress your body.  We have the answers for you in Svelte in Style: How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight.

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We want you to:

  • Wake up feeling inspired every morning to put on a flattering outfit
  • Feel confident as you go about your day
  • Have a deep sense of your own worth and value
  • Love the body you’re in today so that you treat it with respect
  • Look and feel great now, and every day, not just when you reach your goal weight

Not sure how?  We have the missing piece here for you right now!

Svelte in Style: How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight was created just for you. It is for women already on a weight loss journey (or about to start on one) who know it isn’t all just about dropping the inches, pounds or kilograms.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Why the process of losing weight seems so hard , and how you can make it much easier
  • The importance of style and body image messages, and how to tune out the ones you don’t want
  • Perspective- and life-changing activities that will shift you how you think and feel about your body
  • Why it’s so important to feel great while you’re losing weight
  • The critical part that ongoing self care plays in the success of your weight loss journey
  • The impact that body image has on your weight loss journey, and your ultimate success or failure in losing the weight
  • Why looking good is so important while you are losing weight (it’s not just superficial!)
  • Why so many women on a weight loss journey don’t look and feel as good as they should, and can
  • How to identify your body shape, body proportions and best colours to flatter your unique silhouette, even as you lose weight
  • The secret weapon that understanding scale is, and how to create a longer leaner look
  • Your unique personality and how to dress to express it
  • The importance of fabric and volume to create an attractive silhouette, at any size
  • Why accessories are your best friend when dressing on a weight loss journey
  • How to make the most of the wardrobe you have, and the wardrobe you’ll need, on your weight loss journey
  • What a capsule wardrobe is and why you need to be creating capsules
  • What and how to buy while you’re losing weight, including shopping on a budget
  • How to look great in photos

 “I just want to tell you how much I loved Svelte in Style.  I loved how well the different sections complemented each other with the different perspectives! I also loved the tips on making your wardrobe last (ie using belts, brooches etc;) and when to shop for new clothes as you drop weight. But most of all, I loved your core focus being on the fact that I am valuable the way I am and I am worth money/time and effort right now…NOT when I get thin!!” — Gabriel


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Sweet Price: $27

Svelte in Style:

  • Is an instantly downloadable e-book. As soon as your payment goes through, you will be taken to a download page where you can download the e-book. You can then save and print it out, and use it over and over again.
  • Is provided in PDF format, which simply means it is an electronic book that you can read on your tablet or computer (or print out).
  • Is full of exercises and activities to get you moving in the direction of looking and feeling great while you are losing weight.
  • Contains two main sections: How to Feel Great written by Jill Chivers which delves into your emotions and habits that may be sabotaging your weight health.
  • and How to Look Great written by image consultant Imogen Lamport which shows you how to dress your body as it’s changing shape
  • Packed full of images and illustrations to bring to show you exactly what to wear.
  • Is a How To guide – it is intended to be not only read, but used as a workbook where you take action and do the exercises suggested.
  • Contains two bonus sections – How to Eat Healthily by guest contributor Annette Sym and How to Exercise Healthily by guest contributor Amanda Cox.

This e-book is about looking and feeling great and the enormous difference both those things can make to your emotional state and your success in losing weight.

This book came about because both authors had met and worked with many women who would like to look better than they do and feel better about themselves as they engage in a weight loss journey – but they always seemed to be putting it off. Women like you.

Don’t wait!  You can look and feel better right now!

This ebook provides you with:

  • Immediate ideas you can implement right away
  • Inspiration and strategies on what to buy, how to sort out your wardrobe, and how to work with your emotions as you lose weight
  • Secrets on how to look and feel great while losing weight
  • Workable strategies you can put in place right now to help you to look and feel great every day

This ebook is for you if:

  • You are a woman who has already started on, is partway through or about to start on a weight loss journey.
  • You are a woman who wants to look and feel great during your weight loss journey, but aren’t sure of what to do.
  • You’ve lost your sense of style and want to get your confidence back.
  • You are a courageous woman who believes your weight loss journey will be served, and more successful, if you engage in ongoing acts of self care focused on how you feel about yourself and your self worth.
  • You are a practical woman who wants use-it-now strategies on how to dress for a shrinking body without blowing the bank.

Svelte in Style Cover 3D

“Svelte in Style is fantastic – it has been a real insight to me. I really enjoyed the Section on How to Feel Great and particularly enjoyed the rituals, rules and routines section. Did a couple of those things and they helped me with my journey and with feeling good about myself. I absolutely loved the How to Look Good Section. How to dress for your current body shape was excellent”. — Donna


“I loved the section on style and body image messages and those questions and exercises. I just adored the section on Why it’s Important to Feel Good to Lose Weight” — Janet


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Sweet Price: $27